Cat Margulis


It has been a day, to say the least. It started innocently enough. I slept in, skipped my morning meditation and went straight into editing my book at 6am, because I had already lost an hour. I’m trying out intermittent fasting to lose some of the dreaded COVID 15, so I did my best to ignore my growling stomach while I wrote, actually looking forward to the glass of Metamucil I’ve been taking for two days now.

I may be 40-something, and married with kids, but I still love my rom-coms like I love chocolate, and the holiday flicks the most. In fact, I wrote my first novel to the tune of the holidays, watching my favourite rom-coms and crying into my Kleenex boxes. So, I’m so excited to share my favourite holiday rom-coms with you here. Put on your coziest PJs, grab some Christmas cookies and a blanket and don’t forget that Kleenex box—for the happy tears!