Like most recent celebrations and holidays, Valentine’s Day is going to look very different this year. Usually, at this time, our kiddos are excitedly preparing cards for their friends and working on crafts during art class. Many children are currently doing school online, and all are feeling the pain of getting fewer hugs from grandparents and friends. So, what can parents do to ensure the kids still have a fun and special day? Create some crazy new traditions and do some fun activities My friend Jenn, loves to celebrate everything! One of the traditions she started was to keep her Christmas tree up year around, but she and her family decorate it according to the season. Her Valentine’s tree looks spectacular! Kids love doing crafts and we love kids being busy, so picking up a Valentine’s Day Craft Kit is top of my list. I also discovered a local mom…

If there’s one bullet I’ve dodged as a parent, it’s picky eating. Somehow, by some miracle, both of my kids have eaten really well since day one. They like fresh fruit and vegetables, seafood, spicy dishes, sushi, you name it. They’re easy to feed at restaurants and other people’s houses (remember going to other people’s houses?? Haha, sob). Basically, I make food and they consume it, with very few exceptions. I am incredibly lucky; this I know.

It’s that dreaded question.…What’s for dinner tonight?
It could be asked by your spouse over text, it could be a question you silently ask yourself mid-afternoon when you realize you forgot to plan something, or it could be asked by your 10-year-old when he hops out of bed at 7am because he needs to know what the day has in store for him. (Hypothetically speaking, of course…)

The third Monday in January was coined “Blue Monday” several years ago when it was decided that it represented the saddest day of the year for people.

It gained this reputation was for a few reasons: At this point in January, the weather is a bit glum, the days are a bit dark and people are feeling a little financially strapped after over-spending during the holidays. Having those credit card bills roll in can certainly leave the best of us feeling a little unenthusiastic.

Yesterday I texted my daughter’s teacher the word pancakes.

Because, you know, we’re living in a pandemic and it’s back to work and trying to keep things ‘normal’ and not panic our faces off and do all the things while worrying about our jobs and waiting on the vaccine / worrying it will give us rickets (it won’t, don’t @ me) and not letting our eyes roll right out of our heads when someone says they’re doing ‘dry January’  and constantly answering questions like ‘hey mom, is a hot dog a sandwich?’ or ‘hey mom, would you rather fight a bear-sized duck or a duck-sized bear?’