Julie Cole


The third Monday in January was coined “Blue Monday” several years ago when it was decided that it represented the saddest day of the year for people.

It gained this reputation was for a few reasons: At this point in January, the weather is a bit glum, the days are a bit dark and people are feeling a little financially strapped after over-spending during the holidays. Having those credit card bills roll in can certainly leave the best of us feeling a little unenthusiastic.

In keeping with tradition, I’m going to share my best mom fails of 2020. My kids love gathering during the holidays and deciding where I screwed up most during the year. As a parent of six kids, I’ve definitely relaxed more with each child and my three biggest kids like to jokingly describe me as having been “a little asleep at the parenting wheel for the last three kids”. Truthfully, I’m not sure they’re actually joking.

Eventually, the time comes for every parent when their kids start questioning the existence of Santa Claus. It marks the end of a huge era for a lot of families, which is inevitable, but always sad regardless. As a parent, how do you deal with the disappointment of your kids as they start to figure out the truth? My kids are older and mostly non-believers now, though some will never admit it. Having gone through it six times with each of my children, I’ve learned a few things over the years about dealing with the sadness over Santa Claus.