Birth Announcement


Is a baby on the way? Congrats!! Your life is about to become much more beautiful (and exhausting). Sharing the news of your little bundle’s arrival is probably on your mind; friends and family will be eagerly awaiting the exciting news.  Parents are planning to make the perfect announcement well ahead of time. But it can be hard to know what to say, when, and how to say it. Especially within a few hours of birth – you’re feeling overwhelmed and probably exhausted, so you’re probably not feeling very creative. With social media, it has never been easier to announce your baby’s arrival – but you still need to make it perfect!  The etiquette around birth announcements on social media is a little wishy-washy, so we want to ensure you share the news flawlessly. Here is a list of birth announcement ideas, captions and etiquette. We must keep in mind…