When sending our kids to school on the first day, there is often a wide array of emotions. One of the best ways to touch base with your kids is to include a note in their lunch box to let them know we’re thinking of them. Lunch box notes for kids with words of encouragement during their first days or any important day can be the encouragement they need to try something new, make a new friend, or ace a test they’ve been worried about. Mabel’s Labels washaway lunch box notes are the perfect way to include something special in their lunch bag. These lunch box labels will completely disappear each night; just wash them either in the dishwasher or by hand, and they’ll quickly and easily disintegrate. Each pack comes with 24 labels, so there is enough to cover the first week, plus any special days or a note…

Brace yourselves parents, we’re all back at school! While most of us parents are (understandably) ecstatic to have some time for ourselves, the nightmare of what to pack for their school lunch keeps buzzing around our head like the yellow jackets this season. If you have a picky eater like mine, it gets harder and harder thinking of new and healthy snacks to pack five days a week. Here are 8 easy school lunch ideas for your picky eating Kindergartener. These worked for us, so hopefully you can take some inspiration from them! Sweet Potato Fries Kids love French fries, so I thought I would develop a healthier version. You can cut up the potatoes a night prior, and just air fry them with a drizzle of olive oil, and they are ready to go. Letting them completely cool off before packing them in their lunch box will prevent them…

The return to school typically brings a renewed sense of routine to your household. You may be dusting off the school lunch containers or resuming a structured schedule of evening activities. This is a great time to re-commit to meal planning and healthy food choices, even when you’re tight on time. To help you out, we’ve compiled kitchen-tested tips and tricks (organized by meal) for the upcoming school year.

It’s that dreaded question.…What’s for dinner tonight?
It could be asked by your spouse over text, it could be a question you silently ask yourself mid-afternoon when you realize you forgot to plan something, or it could be asked by your 10-year-old when he hops out of bed at 7am because he needs to know what the day has in store for him. (Hypothetically speaking, of course…)