When you experience the Sunday Scaries like I do – adding a Superbowl party into the mix brings me a great deal of anxiety. This year. I’m hosting *yikes* But I have done this before, so I know I can do it again! Here is the plan I followed previously, and I can proudly say, I had a great night! So, if you’re hosting the Superbowl this year – follow my tied and true tips to making it easy on yourself! You veggies & dip don’t need to be in the shape of a football stadium, and your dessert doesn’t need to be shaped like a football, believe me you’ll still have a good time!


Make a list
This year with the price of groceries so high, I did some calculations and the amount of ingredients needed will cost far more than the cost of buying pre-made trays and platters.

If you are planning on making the food, here are a few easy and delicious recipes to try!

Order in Advance

Don’t leave this to the last minute or your order may not happen on such a busy day.  Some good Superbowl options are Pizza, wings, subs

Ask for help!
Ask each guest to bring a specific appetizer/dish to share with the party.
For your sanity at the end of the night, request that their dishes are property labeled with their name

Set up a buffet table in advance with napkins, plates, silverware, condiments, etc.


Make Space
Clean out the refrigerator ahead of the time to make room for what guests may bring. And because cheese trays, meats, cut fruit etc. should not be left out for longer than 2 hours- so to keep your guests safe – make sure you’ve got space to refrigerate those items.

Ice, ice Baby
Keep a large tub of ice for available with a variety of drinks. Allow guests to grab what they want. Don’t play bar tender, or you won’t enjoy your day. If you live in a colder climate – place the bucket outside the door to save on fridge space. When guests arrive let them know where drinks are being chilled, so if they’ve BYOB’d they know where to put their stash.

Prepare for the dishes.
Empty your dishwasher so cutlery and dishes can go straight in. Admittedly, I usually use paper plates and have a garbage bag available for people to use. I understand this isn’t the most environmentally friendly, and yes, I have guilt about it. I’ll aim to do better next time.


Keeping the kids happy, helps the parents enjoy the party. So, the effort you out in ahead of time for the kids will help on Sunday and you’ll thank yourself.

Make an activity table for kids
Set up coloring books, stickers, and crafts. The internet has loads of simple printable with a football themes. Parents will very much appreciate the effort to keep the kids busy!

Have separate Kid food:
I also like to set up separate snack table for kids, it sounds like more work, but it’s simple: Hotdogs or pizza for dinner. Then for snacks, a small bowl of candy, a bowl of chips, cut fruit and some water bottles or juice boxes. This allows the kids to be a little more independent and is more kid friendly and easier to navigate for kids than the adult table.


Full-disclosure, I don’t really bother. By the time the house is full of people decorations either get in the way or get lost in the crowd. Truly, your guests won’t mind (or even notice) they’re not there for the decorations.

What I do attempt, balloon in the team colors. Truthfully, I don’t do this totally for the element of décor but more so because the kids at the party LOVE a game of keepy-uppy and it occupies them for a long time. Two birds, one stone!

Let us know how your Superbowl Party went, and best of luck if your team is playing!


Natalie Martinez is a wife, mother, daughter, sister. She's a social worker and advocate for mental health and women's rights.

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