It’s the time of year when you find yourself with double the toys in the toy room. The kids are thrilled, but you’re probably hating the mess. Don’t start the new year with clutter. With so many storage options these days, you can easily find a good solution for your space, one that looks nice and also functions well for your kids! So, for 2024, you can say goodbye to messy floors and hello to a well-organized play area with our toy storage solutions and tips for keeping organized all year long!

Playroom Organization Tips:

Take Stock of what toys they have

Get the kids to take a few items they’re willing to donate. Throw out any broken toys or lost pieces. Including the kids in this process is critical; they need to feel they’re in charge of their own toys, and this makes them take greater responsibility for their things.

Sort by Category

The first step towards effective toy storage is to sort the toys by category. This makes it easier to find what you need and helps your child learn organizational skills.

Invest in Storage Bins

Storage bins are a great way to keep toys organized. They come in different sizes and colors and can be used to store toys of all shapes and sizes. Label the bins with pictures or words to help your child identify where each toy belongs.  Clear bins are ideal for this too.

Put a lid on it!  
Often we don’t use the lids of our bins because kids don’t put the lid back on. But if you’re short on space, lids are a great way to be able to stack your bins, giving the kids more room to play. You can make a compromise, the kids need to put the toys in the bins, then parents can be responsible for putting the lids on and stacking when it’s time to tidy up.

Pro tip: while wire bins make a great esthetic and make the toys easy to see, the smaller toys fall through the bins, and they’ll become a hassle and discourage the kids to tidying.

Label, label, label! 

Mabel’s Labels household labels are the easiest way to label the bins; they’re cute and fully customizable!

Use Wall Space

If you’re short on floor space, use the walls for storage! Hang shelves or baskets to store toys, books, and stuffed animals. This saves space and gives your child more floor space to play freely. But make sure to hang the shelving at a level your kids can easily reach, or it may be unsafe, and if they’re too high, they’ll likely never use them anyway.

Rotate Toys

Kids can quickly get bored with their toys, so rotating them regularly is a good idea. Keep some toys out of sight and bring them out later to keep your child interested. This also helps reduce clutter as fewer toys are out at once. So, pack away some of the older toys in the playroom and give them a chance to play with their new Christmas toys – when they start to get bored of those, switch up with some of the older toys.

Make it Fun

Toy storage doesn’t have to be boring. Get your child involved in the process. Use colorful bins or baskets – you can get inexpensive hammocks that are great for storing all those stuffies the kids won’t part with! Including the kids in the process makes cleaning up fun and encourages your child to take ownership of their toys.

Effective playroom organization can help reduce clutter and keep your home tidy, and that’s a great way to start the new year and feel less overwhelmed.  Now, let’s move onto the pantry! 


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