Traveling with kids can be an amazing experience, but it can also be challenging and super stressful, especially when it comes to keeping track of their belongings. It’s easy to lose track of a toy, a backpack or even a child in the chaos of travel, but there is a simple solution to this problem: name labels!

Mabel’s Labels has a wide variety of labels that can make your trip smoother; whether you have safety concerns, lost luggage, mix-up items, fighting kids, or allergies – we’ve got a label for that!

Here are just a few ways that name labels can make traveling with kids easier:
1. No mix-ups with luggage or travel items – The Travel Label Pack

The biggest way to keep yourself organized and your items are safe while traveling is to use luggage labels! This is our all-time best label pack for travel! The Travel Label Pack is the easiest way to quickly and easily identify your luggage; it includes peel & stick labels with your contact info that can easily be applied to your luggage. Plus, large rectangle labels help identify your items from other similar items belonging to other families.

This is particularly helpful when heading on a cruise, or Disney Parks over Spring Break- where many families are living in close quarters, and all have look-a-like items.

Contact Info Bag Tags – if you love our regular bag tags, you’ll love these luggage tags! These have the cutest designs, kids and adults love them! They’ll not only keep your bags safe – and allow you to be contacted in the event they go missing- but they make your bags way more adorable and much easier to spot!

2. Keep high-priced items safe – Contact Info Labels

One of the biggest challenges of travelling with kids is keeping track of all their belongings. From toys to backpacks to jackets, it’s easy for things to get misplaced or lost in the shuffle. The LAST thing you want to lose on a trip is– let’s be honest, the tablet!

The Contact Info Labels have a name and phone number on them; this way, you can be reached if the item goes missing, especially the high-ticket items like the switch, tablet, phones or precious items your kids would be devastated to lose!

3. Tips to avoid sibling rivalry when traveling – Split Name Label Pack

If you have multiple children, it’s easy for their belongings to get mixed up, especially if they have similar items. By using name labels, you can avoid mix-ups between siblings. Each child can have their own label, making it clear which items belong to which child.

So, if your kids have look-a-like items, it’s best to label who’s is who. This will help avoid the evening fights over the toothbrush, the phone charger, the handheld games, and anything else that starts sibling fights!

This label pack isn’t just for travel but will help avoid all the sibling fights over stuff at home, too, for the price of one label pack, so it’s win-win!

4. Keep Your Kids Safe While Traveling – Silicone ID Bracelets 

The easiest way to give yourself peace of mind when you’re traveling to somewhere busy, is the Silicone ID Bracelet. When going to a busy beach, or theme park it can be very scary to lose sight of your child. The Silicone ID Bracelet is a small, fun bracelet your kids where (totally waterproof!) that has your phone number on it. This way, if your kids can’t remember your phone number or are too young – you’re easily reachable by whoever finds your child.

*Remember to always tell your kids that if they get separated – to look for another family! Parents are always the best and least intimidating way to help!

5. Name Labels for Travel Safety and Emergencies – Emergency Contact Labels

Travelling can be stressful enough, and it’s important to keep your child safe at all times, but if you’re travelling with a child with additional medical or safety needs it can be very daunting. The Emergency contact labels are the easiest way to ensure that everyone knows they have additional needs. By labelling your child’s medication or allergy information on their belongings, you can ensure that they receive the proper care they need if an emergency arises.

6. Travelling with Allergies – Medical Alert Label Pack

Similar to the Emergency Contact Labels, this Medical Alert Label Pack can help keep your family safe when travelling with additional medical concerns. This set of labels is perfect for travelling with allergies – these eye-catching labels have all the info needed in the case of an allergy attack while travelling.  Stick on water bottles, snack containers, bags and backpacks!

Name labels can make traveling with kids easier. From avoiding lost items to easy identification, peace of mind in an emergency, or medical concerns – they’re a simple and effective solution to many of the challenges of travel, and while they may not solve all the travel stresses, but they can certainly help!

Who doesn’t love neatly packed, organized, and labeled luggage!

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