From parenting hacks, to supportive words, parents are taking to Reddit to express solidarity during these crazy COVID-19 times. As we’re all navigating this world of homeschooling in isolation and trying to explain to our toddlers why the parks are closed, we are uniting online. These posts might lift your mood, give you a laugh or lend some ideas for your own kids.

  1. I have never felt so seen.


It is always nice to feel seen. I am particularly a fan of posts that bring light to our struggles without making it a competition, implying that the writer is worse off than others. Thank you to this user for this beautiful message that helps to validate all of our feelings.

  1. Genius bubble holder hack.

reddit 2

I wish I saw this years ago as I reflect on all of those summer days with bubbles in hand (instead of the refreshing beverage I was dreaming of). Finally, hours (err…minutes?) of backyard fun that’s not going to end in tears because the bubbles spilled.

  1. The kids are alright.

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As we are all struggling, and rightfully complaining, I thought it was beautiful to read something about the bright side of all of this. This crazy circumstance does give us the chance to hug our little people a few more times each day and observe what makes them truly wonderful.

  1. Things we all have said today…

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Same, girl. Same.

  1. Washable markers idea for toddlers.

reddit 5

This does not look like something I’d normally ever allow, but “when in quarantine.” I would seriously try just about anything right now to keep my little one busy and this looks like loads of fun. And how about that marker holder? Only thing missing are some Small Rectangle Labels on those gorgeous markers 😉

  1. This couple is making the near-impossible work.

reddit 6

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we should be praising our partners for simply doing their part, but this was a beautiful snapshot of a family struggling and making it through with all hands on deck. When I read this, I can feel in my gut how much I appreciate my partner when he knows exactly what I need. With so many people taking to Reddit to complain about their relationships, this was refreshing.

  1. It’s okay if your house is a playground.

reddit 7

My entire house is a playroom and it feels like when we tidy up one thing, ten more messes pop up. It’s like whack-a-mole in here! I basically brave an obstacle course to get to my morning coffee and it’s stressing me out. Seeing this image that this user shared really opened my eyes to what my son needs right now from our space. Oh, and it’s giving me a reason not to tidy. Bonus.

  1. Dealing with the feeling of loss.

reddit 8

It is easy to dismiss our feelings as ‘first-world-problems’ (i.e. not really problems) when we just have to stay healthy in the comfort of our homes, but the fact is many of us our grieving a loss in some way. If I think about having a two-year-old in a small apartment, I would be losing my mind. This mom is sharing her honest feelings and opening up is helping us all find empathy and deal with our own losses.

  1. An epic busy board idea.

reddit 9

Grandparents for the win! Something tells me both Grandpa and toddler filled a lot of hours with this one.

  1. Spoiler: it’s not relaxing.

reddit 10

I’m seeing those of you who are organizing your homes, chalk painting your furniture and bingeing on awesome Netflix shows. I’m feeling a bit inadequate for not learning a new language or finding a new exercise routine during this time. This image reminded me why I feel like I have less time than ever and I think it is a needed nod to stay-at-home parents whose jobs are incredibly difficult.

Reddit is full of answers to your most obscure questions and there’s a community for just about everyone on there. As a parent, some of the subreddits I like to follow are Mommit, Parenting, Beyond the Bump, Kids Crafts and of course our new Mabel’s Labels corner of the Reddit world. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, the best way to get familiar is to download the Reddit app and start exploring. Even if you’re just lurking, the community has a lot to offer.

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