Mother’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for our moms. While so many of us would usually spend the holiday showering our wives, mothers or mother-in-laws with affection and gifts in person, this year we’re required to stay apart.

Chances are you’re desperately trying to think of some creative way to make all the Moms in your life feel loved and appreciated this Mother’s Day, regardless of the unusual circumstances. Here are 8 easy ways you can still make them feel appreciated and loved:

For your mom:

Sign her up for a virtual tutorial or class

Is your mom a great cook? Or maybe she’s into art or loves spending time in the garden? There are a lot of amazing online tutorials you can enroll her in so she can enjoy attending a class right from the comfort of her own home. From floral arranging to baking and interior design, there’s something for anyone and any budget. Do a quick Google search and you’ll be amazed at all the options available right now!

Order her a delivery meal in

It may not be the same as a nice brunch out on the town, but ordering in a delicious meal for her to enjoy will feel special, especially at a time when she’s probably spending so much of her day in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. Most restaurants are offering free pick-up or delivery right now, so it’s a great time to support a local business and order your mom’s favourite meal right to her doorstep.

Organize a surprise Zoom or FaceTime call

There’s nothing like being together, and while we can’t all be physically close this year, we do have some amazing technology that’s the next best thing! Organizing a surprise group FaceTime or Zoom call with everyone in your family is sure to make any mama feel extra loved.

Leave flowers and cards at her front door

Most florists are still taking orders for delivery and some grocery stores have ready-made bouquets ready for purchase. Buy the mom in your life some flowers and have them delivered, or do your own contactless drop-off if you live close by. You can also leave some homemade cards so she can have some special messages to open and read on her day.

For your wife:

Make her a special dinner

Pull out your nice dishes, light some candles and pour some wine. If cooking isn’t your forte, just have something she loves delivered, but serve it on your dinnerware. Make the evening at home feel like a special occasion!

Create an at-home spa

Have everyone in the family help give mom a day of pampering! Start with a sleep-in and coffee/tea in bed. Draw her a hot epsom salt bath or give her a relaxing back massage while she has her favourite face mask on. End it all by giving her a couple of uninterrupted hours to sit and read somewhere quiet in the house, away from the kids.

Order flowers and write her a nice card

Yes, flowers are cliche, but they’re always appreciated. Have her favourite flowers delivered and have the kids help you make some homemade cards for her. Put time and effort into what you write – it’s the thought that will mean the most to her!

Go on a Mother’s Day family hike

When you’ve been stuck indoors for weeks on end, there’s nothing like getting out to enjoy some exercise and sun. If it’s going to be a nice day, plan for a family hike to somewhere mom loves. Pack a little picnic and some water (you really don’t want this to turn into work for her!) and spend an hour or two enjoying each other’s company in the great outdoors.


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