Women are known for flooding others with love, taking care of the family, and managing all aspects of the household. Unfortunately, these past 2 years have been some of the toughest on parents; mothers especially reached a breaking point. This season, Moms will be thinking of gift-giving, stressing over the perfect gift to make everyone happy. Unfortunately, women rarely reciprocate that love back onto themselves. Well, we are worthy of spoiling ourselves, and we deserve it after the $#^% show we’ve all been through. So let’s indulge ourselves- guilt-free!

There is no one-size-fits-all for moms. But one thing is sure, at least in the Mabel’s Labels office. We all love to relax (that, and wine). So here is a roundup of the stuff we’re loving here in the Mabelhood. Our favorite products, services, and experiences that we’re planning on treating ourselves to


Gifts (even to ourselves) don’t need to be more stuff- experiences like this Charcuterie board workshop are amazing. Take a look in your area and see what cool stuff is offered. Flower arranging, cooking classes all make for a great girls’ night! And wine subscriptions are a year-long treat! 


I love a comfy crewneck sweatshirt, and a cute and functional bag too.


I love the idea of getting to trying new scents with this Advent Calendar. And this silk pillowcase is definitely on my list!


I love good skincare, and this Holiday kit includes it all!


If you’re creative, stock up on those craft supplies, and create with this Cricut Joy! And always a cozy blanket to relax with!


Home cleaning service – best. gift. ever.

Treat yourself with the gift of time- and get a home cleaning service. If a dirty house stresses you out, this is the perfect way to spoil yourself. Or a mini getaway, nothing lavish needed, a night in a hotel just to be alone, can be the ideal way to unwind.

I love the idea of sleeping in a big comfy bed, ordering room service and being by myself

So if the people in your life have a poor track record of picking up on your hints, just avoid the disappointment. Of course, it’s okay to spoil yourself. But the most important thing about doing it is making sure you drop the guilt.

Here in the Mabelhood, we’re spoiling ourselves- and we give you permission to do it too!


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