5 Beauty Products Every Mama Needs in 2019

It’s hard out here for a mom. Even the most basic of beauty routines can feel like an impossible task when you hardly get an uninterrupted moment in the bathroom.

I’ve wasted hundreds (maybe thousands?!) of dollars on trying out different beauty products. Mascaras, creams, masks, concealers – I’ve used them all. My bathroom cabinets are a graveyard of half-full lotions and potions that have had their chance and failed miserably. 

Now, I’m no beauty guru. I’m don’t have the time or patience to contour my face or curl my hair. What I’m on is a never-ending search for things that will make me look and feel good using the least effort possible. There’s nothing better than finding a beauty product that not only works well, but simplifies my routine and makes looking presentable an easier and attainable goal.

Here are 5 beauty products I’ve recently discovered that are tried-and-true game changers. They’re the products you tell all your friends about. They work, they’re worth the money, and they’ll make your morning routine a little bit easier (sorry, they don’t pack school lunches).


1. An Inexpensive Mascara That Actually Works

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a mascara snob. I’ve always splurged on high-end mascaras because they’ve always seemed to work better. Finally, a $10 drugstore mascara has proven me wrong. L’oreal Paris Lash Paradise Mascara delivers the same, if not better, results than any pricey designer brand I’ve tried. The curvy brush hugs every single lash (even the tiny ones in the corners) and doesn’t clump. It instantly makes my wimpy eyelashes look long and full, so on the days when I have no more than 15 seconds to get ready, a coat of this gives my eyes an instant and noticeable boost. Still skeptical? Check out all the amazing reviews it gets online.


2. Crazy Good Skincare Line at Crazy Good Prices

If there’s ONE new thing you try in 2019, it needs to be The Ordinary Skincare. I can’t say enough about this amazing line. You might have heard some of the buzz about this brand over the last year and I can confirm, it’s well deserved. They have a huge line of clinically formulated serums for every skin concern (dryness, dullness, aging, etc.) that really work. But the best part? They’re at too-good-to-be-true prices. I’m talking $6 – $10 a bottle and no, that’s not a typo. Try one out and if you don’t like it, no big deal. It was the same price as your morning latte. The addition of these easy-to-apply serums has drastically improved how my skin looks, meaning those tired, makeup-free days aren’t so scary!

The huge selection of products can be a bit daunting, but there are tons of reviews online to help you choose what’s best suited for your needs. I highly recommend the Hyaluronic Acid, Buffet Serum and the Retinoid Emulsion if you’re looking to add moisture and eliminate signs of aging. 


3. A Simple Skincare Tool With Great Results

Need a little life in that (sleep deprived) face? I don’t know about you other mamas, but my morning shower usually consists of quickly soaping down my body and face whilst listening to the sweet sounds of my children bickering from the other side of the bathroom. I don’t have the desire to spend more time in there using a facial scrub brush or exfoliating. A friend recently bought me this handy little face-washing tool and I immediately fell in love. This cute little Pore Cleansing Pad suctions to your shower wall for easy use and is the perfect way to gently exfoliate and cleanse in one step. Just load your favourite face wash or cleansing oil onto it and then rub in circular motions to remove makeup and dirt. It’s so compact, always in reach and it makes me feel like I’m getting a micro facial every morning… Is that sad?


4. An All-Encompassing Brow Tamer and Filler

One thing I’ve learned over the years is how important eyebrows are. Fuller, shapely eyebrows improve everyone’s face. And yes, we all regrettably over-plucked them in the nineties, which is why if you’re going to spend any time applying makeup, your brows should be top priority. Eyebrows tend to be a two-step process: fill and tame. That always felt like too much for me. Then I met Glossier’s Boy Brow. In one quick swipe over your brows it thickens, tames and fills. It’s basically a mascara for your eyebrows and it’s AH-MAZING. It’s so fast to apply, so effective and looks completely natural. If you’re regretting your tweezer-happy teenage hands and want that I-naturally-look-like-this brow fullness with no work, you’ve got to try this.

5. A Blow Dryer That’s Worth the Investment

Okay, this one is a splurge. But if you’re someone who blow dries their hair regularly, it’s worth the investment. The Dyson Hair Dryer has received all sorts of praise and there’s a reason. It will dry your hair in way less time and it really does leave hair looking a lot smoother and less damaged long-term. Better looking and healthier hair with less effort? Less days rocking a greasy mom bun? I’d chalk that up as a major #momwin. 



Eryn Chesney is the Content Manager and Creative Lead at Mabel's Labels and a former magazine editor. She's the mother of two blonde cherubs, Lily and Leo. She enjoys eating great food and dreaming of living where there's no winter. Follow her on Instagram at @erynjean

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